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AGU Primary Spotlight: Florida Senate

Although AGU does not endorse candidates, we are happy to spotlight those commonsense conservatives who demonstrate a commitment to the ideals that Governor Palin champions. The following article introduces you to Marielena Stuart, who is running for the US Senate in Florida. We welcome the opportunity to share information on a multitude of races, and we encourage our members to do their own independent research and support the candidates of their choosing. 

Marielena Stuart is an authentic conservative Republican candidate running for the U.S. Senate in Florida. Although she may not yet have the same level of name recognition as other candidates in this primary, she has been actively campaigning and traveling the state sharing her message on the importance of preserving freedom, personal responsibility, and a strong economy. Her platform will likely resonate with many voters, who understand that we are in a financial crisis and cannot afford “business-as-usual” politics in Washington any longer.

Marielena has a solid pro-life background in defense of the unborn, and years of fighting against Sustainable Development (Agenda 21). She fought and prevailed in an intense battle to stop a major bailout in Florida that would have involved hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Marielena is a true “citizen-candidate” in the manner proclaimed by Ronald Reagan. Her conservative columns about China, Communism, military affairs, foreign affairs, the economy, etc., are widely read. Marielena is a homeschooling mother, and plans to be the strongest advocate in Washington, D.C., for the rights of parents to educate their children at home.

Her deep understanding of the Middle East, both culturally and politically, together with her fluency in other languages–and her worldview of America as the greatest nation on earth–have brought her the recognition of being a true conservative stateswoman needed to lead and inspire on the floor of the U.S. Senate. To learn more about Marielena, visit her website at

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    Thanks AGU for this spotlight Marielena Stuarts campaign and the reconition she deserves as
    Commonsense Conservative

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