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.@AGUGrizzlies: Gov @SarahPalinUSA Gives Shout-out 2 AGU Candidate @DBongino (Dan Bongino)

During Governor Sarah Palin’s galvanizing speech at the #ChooseCruz Rally in Texas yesterday; Sarah Palin gave a shout out to American Grizzlies United Candidate: Dan Bongino.

AGU 2012 Primary Candidate List

Specifically, Sarah Palin pointed to Dan Bongino’s (MD-US Senate) recent speech he gave to concerned citizens. You can view Dan’s speech: HERE

Because of your help Dan won his primary on April 3, 2012.

AGU wrote about Dan’s Victory in April; AGU: Your Candidates Are Winning!

But now Dan must face the Democrat hooligan opponent in November.

Dan still needs your help to win!

From Dan’s site:

WE WON! YOU WON! ON TO NOVEMBER; the real fight begins NOW!

To learn more about Dan Bongino visit his campaign site:

To donate to Dan’s campaign: Contribute

To volunteer for Dan: Get Involved (you can also

NOTE: Our AGU-MD State Coordinator Laurie can be emailed at:

You can donate to American Grizzlies United: HERE

Let’s work together to send Dan Bongino to the US Senate!

Dan Bongino is an OUTSIDER changing government from the Out-Side in!

The coming fight in November is not just about repealing and replacing Barack Obama. November is also about handing our new President a Congress filled with common sense public servants who will enact sudden and relentless reform.

In November we must Retain the House, and Seize the Senate to make sure our new President has the needed tools via reform minded public servants who will help put America back on track!

Dan Bongino is one of those public servants.

Our work continues…

Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United; Chairman

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