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@AGUGrizzlies: Get Your #GRRR On! Let’s Send Dan Bongino (@DBongino) to DC!

Dan Bongino is the GOP Candidate for the deep blue Maryland Senate seat. As usual, the smart people in the entrenched Permanent Political Class have immediately dismissed his candidacy. Do they know better than you? Of course not.

Last January, American Grizzlies United asked concerned citizens in each state who they thought were the best public servants running in the primaries. Concerned citizens began submitting names right away. In the deep blue state of Maryland, the name Dan Bongino kept popping up in emails. We took a look at Dan, compared his record to The Grizzly Doctrine; A Crib Sheet, and quickly found that Dan was a good man, a good candidate, and a good fit. A few months before his primary race, AGU put Dan on our 2012 Candidate List.

With the help of concerned, regular, everyday Americans like you, Dan won his primary in April!

Now Dan is heading into the General Election and he needs your help again.

Dan’s picked up some GRRREAT endorsements along the way too that help highlight and showcase his honest desire for public service.

Governor Sarah Palin in her endorsement of Dan Bongino writes:

Dan is not a politician, but he has spent his career protecting them. He is a decorated United States Secret Service agent who served under three Presidents. Dan has seen what politicians have done to our country, and he’s decided, “If I’m not part of the solution, I’m part of the problem.” He based his candidacy for U.S. Senate in Maryland on a strong commonsense conservative platform, won his primary, and is now fighting an uphill battle against a 45-year career politician who in fact inherited his first political office from his uncle at the tender age of 23 way back in 1967 and has been in elected office ever since. – Sarah Palin

In 2012 we have a real opportunity to take our country back from the permanent political class of both parties who’ve taxed and spent America toward near insolvency.

Dan Bongino offers a clear vision for the future of our Republic, and a real choice to the voters of Maryland. Unlike others, Dan is not part of the permanent political class.

Dan is an outsider changing government from the outside in. He understands that the path to prosperity won’t be achieved with go along to get along politics, or the Crony Capitalism of the permanent political class.

Dan’s running a grassroots campaign the way all American campaigns should be run: By going directly to the people. Contact by contact, neighbor by neighbor, taxpayer by taxpayer, homestead by homestead, and small business by small business. Not lobbyist by lobbyist, powerbroker by powerbroker, crony by crony, and deal by deal.

Recently Sarah Palin drew attention to a speech Dan Bongino gave about why we must not cede races in deep blue states.

You can view Dan’s speech: HERE

Truth be told, Dan is fighting an uphill battle this November. But we must never cede ground to the smart people in the permanent political class who lecture us on ignoring good candidates (like Dan Bongino) just because a race is in a deep blue state.

In 2012, we must retain the House, seize the Senate, and aggressively fight in every race. WE THE PEOPLE must send our new President a congress full of wise, common sense, Independent fiscal conservatives ready to undo what Barack Obama has done to us.

Dan Bongino won his primary last April because of your help. In November, Dan will need your help again.

To help Dan win this November he needs you to get involved again:

You can also contact our AGU-MD State Coordinator Laurie:

All hands on deck.

Our work continues.

Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United; Chairman

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