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@AGUGrizzlies: Don’t Let the #GOPe Destroy Grassroots Tomorrow 2pm!

(Originally published on Conservatives4Palin)

Michelle Malkin has posted an urgent call to action for all conservatives concerned with preserving the integrity of who has the power with regard to state delegates:

Drew McKissick is a longtime conservative activist and blogger who is in attendance at the Republican National Convention’s Rules Committee meetings. He and others on the ground are sounding the alarm over rules changes that he and many other attendees believe will hurt grass-roots movement conservatives. The battle is being cast by some observers as a narrow fight between Ron Paul advocates and the rest of the party. Drew says that’s not true. And many other state delegations who oppose top-down delegate choices are chiming in.

First, here’s Drew’s call to arms (my emphasis added in bold):

Those who are in Tampa working to maintain the influence of grassroots conservatives in the Republican Party need your help!

This past Friday, the RNC’s Convention Rules Committee voted – after several contentious votes – to change the party’s rules to allow future presidential candidates to have veto power over who can be delegates from any state – in other words, take power away from the grassroots and their ability to elect fellow conservatives as delegates.

This represents a brazen move by several Washington Beltway consultants and party insiders to diminish the power and influence of conservatives over the party.

At least 29 members of this committee are filing Minority Reports to the full convention to try and make sure that these changes are NOT adopted into the final changes the full convention will approve on Tuesday. But we need your help to spread the word. 28 members are required to issue a minority report for the convention to even consider…and you can be sure others are working behind the scenes to peel some of them off before the meeting…so we need to create pressure for others to join!

Let me stop here and say that this is NOT…REPEAT NOT a move by a bunch of disgruntled Ron Paul supporters. This is a group of long-time conservative activists, even “party regulars” and lots of Romney supporters, many who go back to the Goldwater days.

We need to generate enough PUBLIC PRESSURE from grassroots conservatives that they will back off before Tuesday meeting and withdraw their changes so that we can avoid the need for a minority report and floor fight [altogether].

Here’s what we need before Tuesday’s session of the convention:

1) We need all conservative Republican grassroots supporters to contact their state GOP and let them know that they OPPOSE the rules change that will give future presidential campaigns control over who gets to be a delegate (current RULE 15, but is being renumbered to 16)…and OPPOSE the new RULE 12 which allows the RNC to change the rules at any time between conventions.

2) We need them to contact any DELEGATES to the convention they may know and tell them they OPPOSE the rules change and want them to support a move on the floor to amend this change via the MINORITY REPORTS – and support a demand for a ROLL CALL VOTE if necessary.

3) We need them to contact the CONVENTION RULES COMMITTEE members for their state (each state has two) and tell them they want them to SIGN THE MINORITY REPORTS before Tuesday’s session at 2:00PM. You can find a copy of the list here.

4) Finally, we would like them to help us spread the word that this is an insider power grab by a bunch of DC Beltway types who want consultants to be able to pick who the delegates are from their respective states in the future – AS WELL AS FUTURE PLATFORM COMMITTEE MEMBERS.

Post a link to this page on Facebook and Twitter…spread the word on the media…COMPLAIN.

Let everyone know this is wrong, and that it is ANTI-GRASSROOTS!

Michelle also posted a list of the State Republican Party phone numbers:

Please locate the phone number of your State Republican Party Headquarters below, call them immediately, and tell them to oppose Romney’s new rules that strip grassroots activists of the ability to participate in the Republican platform process:

Alabama (205) 212-5900  Alaska (907) 276-4467  Arizona (602) 957-7770  Arkansas (501) 372-7301  California (916) 448-9496  Colorado (303) 758-3333  Connecticut (860) 422-8211  Delaware (302) 668-1954  District of Columbia (202) 289-8005  Florida (850) 222-7920  Georgia (404) 257-5559  Hawaii (808) 593-8180  Idaho (208) 343-6405  Illinois (312) 201-9000  Indiana (317) 635-7561  Iowa (515) 282-8105  Kansas (785) 234-3456  Kentucky (502) 875-5130  Louisiana (225) 389-4495  Maine (207) 622-6247  Maryland (410) 263-2125  Massachusetts (617)-523-5005  Michigan (517) 487-5413  Minnesota (651) 222-0022  Mississippi (601) 948-5191  Missouri (573) 636-3146  Montana (406) 442-6469  Nebraska (402) 475-2122  New Hampshire (603) 225-9341  North Carolina (919) 828-6423  Oregon (503) 595-8881  South Dakota (605) 224-7347  Vermont (802) 223-3411  Wisconsin (608) 257-4765  Nevada (702) 258-9182  New Jersey (609) 989-7300  North Dakota (701) 255-0030  Pennsylvania (717) 234-4901  Tennessee (615) 269-4260  Virginia (804) 780-0111  Wyoming (307) 234-9166  New Mexico (505) 298-3662  Ohio (614) 228-2481  Rhode Island (401) 732-8282  Texas (512) 477-9821  Washington (425) 460-0570  New York (518) 462-2601  Oklahoma (518) 462-2601  South Carolina (803) 988-8440  Utah (803) 988-8440  West Virginia (304) 768-0493

In summary:

Step 1:  Call your State GOP Headquarters and let them know you oppose the rules change.

Step 2:  Contact any delegates you might know and urge them to act regarding the rules change.

Step 3: Contact your state’s Rules Committee members and tell them to SIGN THE MINORITY REPORTS before Tuesday’s session at 2:00PM.

This is where you find the list of all the state Rules Committee Members.   Time is of the essence so do your part by following the above simple steps and share this everywhere.

We all need to be RENEGADES GOING ROGUE to make some noise!


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