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@AGUGrizzlies: The #GOPe Better #WiseItUp; Get The Messaging Right On The MURDERED AMERICANS!

As we have all unfortunately heard by now, on Wednesday, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria United States Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens, and three members of the American embassy staff were murdered in an attack in Benghazi.

Not only could this be an act of war, but the American Ambassador was murdered in a country that President Obama took unilateral action in WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF CONGRESS!

Remember, Obama’s intervention in Libya is for feel-good humanitarian reasons, NOT for protecting American interests. Obama’s humanitarian war certainly isn’t producing a humanitarian outcome considering these recent murders of American citizens.

The Arab Spring that Obama is so fond of is causing the middle east to collapse.

American citizens and United States diplomats are being murdered, the United States Embassy apologizes to the murderers, Obama praises the Arab Forum on September 11th for the “inspiring democratic example of the Arab Spring“, then promptly moves forward with his campaigning.

As if that isn’t enough for the #GOPe to take Obama to the woodshed, we now know that President Barack Obama has not attended daily intelligence briefings since September 5th:







WTF? Talk about leading from behind. This is serious stuff. Our nations security is at risk. We live in a dangerous world and this is no time to be pussyfooting around the historic president. Sorry #GOPe, not gonna cut it.

It gets worse…

The Government Accountability Institute recently conducted a study. The analysis shockingly discovered that our historic president was present for only 43.8% of the Presidential Daily Briefings during the first 1,225 days of the historic Obama presidency. For most Americans, the word daily is self explanatory. Why wasn’t our historic president present for 100% of the Presidential DAILY Breifings?

We all know that Obama’s Lap-dogs in the LSM, The Democrat Media Complex, and the Hollywood Nerd Herd will work double time to make the historic president look less incompetent in his foreign policy fiasco. They have already begun.

NBC and The Atlantic have already begun to frame the narrative for the Obama foreign policy fiasco as: too soon, and politicalization for merely pointing out the truth.

If we leave it up to the #GOPe to get the messaging right, we could be very disapointed.

The only real leader taking the bull by the horns is Governor Sarah Palin.

Governor Palin posted on Facebook the only common sense response that details the truth about this Obama foreign policy fiasco: HERE

At the time of this writing, Sarah Palin’s Facebook post has: 20,802 Shares, 139,233 Likes, and 17,713 Comments.

At the time of this writing, the tweet that links to the Facebook post has: 1,465 Retweets.

What can we do to circumvent Obama’s Lap-dogs in the LSM and send the #GOPe a message that we expect the truth to be told even if it results in the left screaming RAAACISM?

- The first thing to do is to get onto our Facebook accounts and join other common sense concerned Americans by clicking Like, and sharing the post on our walls. Just click Share.

- Send Sarah Palin’s Facebook post as an email to everyone of your contacts. Just cut and paste the post into the body of the email and click Send.

- Retweet the link to the Facebook post from our Twitter accounts.

- If you are reading this post on the American Grizzlies United website there is a Send button right underneath the title of this post. Click Send so that all your email contacts know about this Obama foreign policy fiasco.

- If you are reading this post on another website that does not have a Send (or Share) button, just copy the url address and email this post to all your email contacts so that they also know about this Obama foreign policy fiasco.

- Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper using the 411 in this post and in Sarah Palin’s Facebook post. Tell them why you are concerned about Obama’s foreign policy fiasco. (Here is a site that has tips on writing an effective letter: HERE - if your letter gets published please let us know!

- Finally, and most importantly, please do all you can to help the candidates on our AGU: General Election Candidates List: HERE

November is right around the corner, and very soon we will run out of time. Our Army of David’s is up against the Goliath of Obama’s Big Government. We really need all hands on deck to repeal and replace Barack Obama and send our new president a new congress.

Please join our cause.

Our work continues.

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