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@AGUGrizzlies: Breaking It Down W/ Bristol (@BristolsBlog)

NOTE: Each week AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin Scholla will be conducting an interview with Bristol Palin about her bold journey on DWTS. The following interview was originally published on Bristols Blog (@BristolsBlog) and the transcript was prepared by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito and US4Palin.

Breaking It Down With Bristol – Episode II

Bristol Palin joins Kevin Scholla! Breaking It Down With Bristol- Episode 2: Bristol gets through the first elimination on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars while Pamela Anderson is sent packing. Bristol danced her heart out with Governor Sarah Palin, Todd Palin, and little Tripp there to root her on. Now it’s on to week two. Bristol talks about her next routine with Mark Ballas, what goes on behind the scenes, the relationship she has with the other dancers, support from an unexpected former contestant, and much more.

Introduction and Sign-On

“Hey, Bristol! Welcome Back!” Scholla said, as he signed on with Bristol Palin. After exchanging brief pleasantries, Scholla said, “You made it. Another week. So very exciting.” Bristol, said, “I know…I’m so excited – I’m so excited – that I made it through the first week.”

On DWTS Second Go-Around

“How did you feel? I mean you looked great, you did a great job. How was it getting back in there for a second time?” Scholla asked. “Not many people get a first shot at the show let alone two,” he said.

“I know. I felt really thankful and blessed getting to get a second go at it – you know, a second chance to do a cha-cha. It was just awesome. It was a whole new feeling though, because I had already been there, you know and done it before once. I knew what I was getting into. So, it felt really good to get back in the ballroom and actually do a dance. It was a lot of fun,” Bristol said.

On Being in Jeopardy, Ratings

“Were you nervous at all with the final results or did you and Mark think you were kind of safe when they had the three couples out there?” Scholla asked.

“Well, you know, I don’t think anyone felt safe, just because – this is a whole new competition. This is like the big leagues, you know, and so I’m definitely nervous, but I thought I had put it all out there, and I didn’t regret anything on Monday night, so I was pretty confident going in, but it’s always in the back of everyone’s mind,” Bristol said.

“A lot of Bristol fans got a little upset that they even put you up there. They said, “oh, she was safe the day before,’ but you know what? I told them, “You know what? Listen. It’s like politics, electoral race. You win one. It doesn’t matter. You won one week; you advance to the next week, or like a football game. You can win 40-nothing, or seven-to-six – you won, so you keep on going,” Scholla said.

“I did kind of figure that they would do that, because I think I was in jeopardy quote-unquote every single week the first time I was on, so I definitely expected to be quote-unquote in jeopardy, but I was in bottom two and I was thankful I wasn’t at all, and they just must have done that for ratings,” Bristol said.

On Tripp in the Audience…

“So nice to see your parents and Tripp in the stands. How was that?” Scholla asked.

“Awesome! I can’t believe that he sat through nine routines. He was sitting there for a good two hours, I’d say? So, I was so proud of him and I’m thankful he got to go there and watch it. He loved it,” Bristol said.

“It really is amazing that he did that. We were talking about it while we watched it. My daughter said to me, you know – she caught him when he covered his ears during the clapping, and I said, ‘Wow, I know that deal with that age group,’ Scholla said.

DWTS Behind the Scenes

He continued, “now you know, Bristol, so much goes on behind the scenes that people don’t know about. Can you let the fans know a little bit? How do you figure out things like your song choice, or your outfit? Do you have input there?” Scholla asked.

“Oh yeah, definitely. The pros have the most control over the choreography and whatnot. We can submit songs to production and tell them, ‘I like this song for a jive, or I like this song for a waltz,’ but it’s up to producers and we get to pick our own outfits, but a lot of it is in our own hands, so it’s a lot of work that goes into a minute-long routine,” Bristol said.

Most Improved: Only Two Notches Up From Third…

“Everyone’s saying you are most improved – the judges and many fans. You finished third last time, so I’m no math whiz, but if you improved from third, there’s only two notches up,” Scholla said.

“I don’t know know, there’s so many awesome athletes. Just amazing performers. I was so excited to watch, and this dance, I thought it was amazing, and Sabrina and John and everyone did amazing – and I don’t know how we’ll do. I think we’re just going to be focused on each week as it comes, but I’m having a blast right now,” Bristol said.

Chaz Bono and Civility

“Chaz Bono Tweeted some complimentary words your way, and there’s probably not many people you disagree with on political issues more than Chaz, but here you know – civility – people acting like people and you know when I saw it, I said, ‘good job,’ and I also thought, ‘this must make the Palin haters even more ashamed’ – well they don’t get ashamed – but you know what I mean – of themselves, well when Chaz Bono can say, ‘hey! We’re having a dance competition here. We’re not running for office. Let’s be fair and cool with everybody.’ I just thought that was tremendous,” Scholla said.

“I know. Well, I saw him backstage and I figured like, ‘oh, he must be just shaking his head at me and all,’ … I’ll just go up and introduce myself – and so I did. It was nice to be able to get approach someone like that who is on the complete opposite end of the political spectrum,” Bristol said.

“We’ve talked about this on our other program on the Palin Update on SarahNET Radio. We had an author on – Anita Finley who wrote a book about Hillary Clinton – and she has nothing but respect for your mother. She is very respectful of Gov. Palin, even though her politics is the other way, and that’s how things should be, especially with a dance contest,” Scholla said.

Bristol and Mark’s Working Relationship

Scholla continued, “You know, you and Mark seem to have that great relationship out there. I see how he pumps you up and you talked about his – let’s say ‘unique’ – training methods. He’s a character, isn’t he?” Scholla asked.

“…he’s definitely rowdy, and I’m definitely not, so it works well together. We get along great,” Bristol said.

Just Do It…So Me

“What do you guys do now to improve, or is it a case where you take it week by week, because it depends on what the other teams are doing dance-wise, or is there something that you guys know, ‘Okay, we learned from the first dance, and now we have to work on this?’” Scholla asked.

“Well, we don’t go into this competition with any thought-out strategy like some others might have. For me, I just want to get better each week. I just want to keep progressing and keep showing people out there that ‘okay, I fell down one time. You get up and keep going on.’ So, that’s what I’m going to be focused on, and this next round, this routine that we have is going to be completely different than our cha-cha and I’m really excited for it, because I just hope that it is a memorable routine. It will be really good,” Bristol said.

“Can you say anything else about it, or is it a secret for Monday?” Scholla asked.

“It’s a secret for Monday,” Bristol said laughing, “but it’s going to be awesome. It will be so me.”

DWTS to Have Fun, Not to Stress Out…

“That’s great! You know, you said you don’t go with a strategy. You just do it. You can tell, Bristol. When you were up there with the final three. I mean, Pam Anderson, the nerves, you can tell. The Monaco team – they looked a little nervous. You were kind of just – you know – you were boppin’ along up there smiling, and I noticed that. I said, ‘there’s no way she’s going, and if she is, I don’t know. She’s got a great son and a great family,’” Scholla said.

He continued, “I just think you’re dangerous, because you’re in there with the right attitude, and I think other people may be feeling the pressure and I think you seem to be having fun with your friend, Mark.”

“Oh, absolutely! It’s a dance show at the end of the day. How much fun is it to be in a position you’re never in, ya know? I never go get spray tans or rhinestone dresses, or anything that is just so not me. It’s just something that’s fun and I think that is an advantage, because I’m not stressing about about, ‘oh I didn’t get that step right,’ you know?” Bristol said.

She continued, “I’m not thinking about that kind of stuff. I’m just thankful to be there. I’m going to have a good time no matter what the scores are, no matter what people are saying about me. It’s just all – all in good fun.”

“Well we learned that about your outfit-wise in Life’s a Tripp, when you and Willow went to that store in LA and you were like ‘what the heck is this stuff?’ and you said, ‘it would have fit Piper’ and meantime you guys were like, ‘where’s the North Face?’ so we know that. So, the cast as a whole seems to get along really well. You guys – the dancers and the stars – you all seem to really have a good rapport out there. Is that really the case?” Scholla asked.

“Yeah, absolutely, and I think it’s Week One. I know that more people are going to get more competitive as the weeks go on. I learned that last time, but it’s good. Everyone’s really nice and we’ll have a really good presence throughout the season,” Bristol said.

Monday’s Mystery Dance…

“All right, Bristol Palin, on to Week Two. You’ve got the fans ready to roll. It was exciting, and everyone is looking forward to this very mysterious dance that’s coming up Monday,” Scholla said.

“The only hint I can give you guys is that it’s me 100%. I can’t wait, and hopefully it will bring a smile to people’s face and be entertaining,” Bristol said.

“Ah, this is great. Just so many things going through my head right now. You know, Mark dressed as a bear and you hunting. I just can think of all different -” Scholla said as Bristol and him burst into laughter.

“Oh man, and you know today, we also did an out-of-studio package so there will be some footage of Mark and I doing one of my favorite activities, so it’s going to be great,” Bristol said.

Farewell and Sign-Off

“Great, Bristol Palin thanks so much. We’ll talk to you next week,” Scholla said. “Okay, sounds good. Thank you so much,” Bristol said in her farewell.

“Remember, folks, while Bristol does the dancing, we hope you will do the voting,” Scholla said as he signed off.

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondaynights at 2000 / 8 PM EDT. Viewers can vote for Team Ballin by calling 800-868-3409, texting VOTE to 3409 (AT&T customers only) and via email. “Breaking it Down with Bristol” is a special SarahNET Radio and Six Seeds Faith and Family Channel series dedicated to covering each week of Bristol on Dancing with the Stars. Bristol is guest blogging for Access Hollywood while on the show.

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