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@AGUGrizzlies: Pop Culture Matters VOTE 4 Bristol (@BristolsBlog)

American Grizzlies United is in the #WAR for the long haul! We believe that each election cycle is connected to the next election cycle. What was started in 2010 must be built upon in 2012, then again in the 2014 midterms, and once again in the 2016 General Elections. And so on, and so forth. This is the future of our engaged citizenry.

However, if we are to restore America and win the #WAR, we also have to fight and be engaged in America’s life cycle(s).

We do this by participating and engaging in pop culture.

Over a period of decades, the left has incrementally ambushed regular Americans on every front of our society: political, social, historical, religious, economic, legal, demographic, scientific, academic, and cultural. American culture and values are being changed right before our very eyes.

Slowly, the popularization of neo-pagan liberal and progressive ideas are replacing the once normal American values of faith, family, and flag. Even the name progressive  hints at something defective and inadequate about America.

Pop Culture does not function in isolation. Instead, pop culture operates within a unified worldview and lifestyle. Pop Culture panders to the basic human need for belonging and self-esteem. Which makes pop culuture the perfect breeding ground for a bit-by-bit, creeping shift, or change of America. The mainstream cultural establishment of America is changing, which will effect political change. It’s up to us to participate and be engaged in this change, or America as we know it will be lost.

Pop Culture Matters!

Pop Culture is: The Great Influencer. The late Andrew Breitbart got this, and every single one of The Palin’s continue to get this.

After Uncle Karl (Rove) shamelessly tried to diminish the importance of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Bristol Palin’s original debut on DWTS, and their influence on pop culture and our society; Governor Sarah Palin famously said:

“And where it is I’m coming from, when I talk about some interjection of my life into pop culture, he needs to understand that pop culture is the influencer in this country in our society. So we are to be salt and light. We’re not to just be sitting there in our own little circle of influence and though the Fox News viewership is huge, larger than any other news organization of course, just preaching to the choir with Fox viewers? No, we need to get out there and reach people who are so independent that perhaps they would never think to tune in to Fox News and introduce some good ideas to these people. We can do that through a show like Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” – Sarah Palin

Pop Culture has been influencing American politics for decades. The left mastered this a long time ago, and to be perfectly honest, we have some catching up to do. For too many years Conservatives ran from pop culture as some sort of danger. Instead of engaging with and debating The Hollywood Nerd Herd, we ran from pop culture. But, if we are to win the #WAR we need to follow the lead of Sarah Palin (or any Marine) and run toward the danger.

In 2010, Bristol Palin got outside her comfort zone to bravely compete in Dancing With The Stars. Suddenly, millions of ordinary Americans felt compelled to flood the voting lines of DWTS to keep her on.

All at once an enormous chunk of the American electorate (many who had become disenfranchised with politics and even voting) were talking about Bristol Palin, her mother Sarah Palin, what she represented, what she had to offer, what she has accomplished, and how strong a leader in the independent Conservative movement she is.

Now Bristol is back on DWTS! Regular Americans once again have an opportunity to participate in pop culture and make our voices heard.

Pop Culture Matters…

Remember in late 2010 and early 2011 what we were told would happen if we nominated Sarah Palin as the GOP nominee in 2012? We were endlessly lectured by the #GOPe, The Hollywood Nerd Herd, and all the other smart people in the LSM. They continually lectured us that nominating Sarah Palin would result in the nominee and her family being relentlessly attacked by the left, Hollywood, and all the other smart people.  We were told that she would be called: extreme, out-of-touch, crazy, intolerant, dangerousright-wing.

This meme was endlessly repeated across all forms of media.

To date, we have been told that both the GOP Presidential nominee and the Vice-Presidential nominee are the most extreme nominees ever nominated by the GOP. We have been told that women would no longer be allowed to vote, blacks would be put in chains, contraceptives would be taken away, and even told that the Presidential nominee may murder your wife.

The families of both nominees have been disgustingly attacked too. The Hollywood Nerd Herd has engaged in vulgar rants against both Mrs. Romney and Mrs. Ryan, reducing both of these accomplished women to nothing more than their genitals.

Hmmm…We were told that this would only happen if we nominated Sarah Palin…We remember being told by Hollywood and all the other smart people that conservatives absolutely must nominate a middle of the road moderate and all would be fine, no attacks. Hmmmm…

But that’s not what’s happening. That is not what is being spoon fed to the electorate by the smart people and into pop culture through The Hollywood Nerd Herd. Many people in the electorate and our culture listen to Hollywood entertainers and take their opinions as gospel when they cast their votes.

Scary huh?

Eva Longoria (who stars in The Hollywood Nerd Herd) told Obama’s devoted followers at the DNC that:

“Mitt Romney would raise taxes on middle-class families to cut his own — and mine”

Another star of The Hollywood Nerd Herd (Jean Smart) recently said:

I’ll Never Forgive Anyone For Being Republican, They Are Un-Christian, Ignorant, Mean

Entertainer Natalie Portman is involved in the Romney-Ryan: Wrong for Women Tour. On this tour Ms. Portman has spread all sorts of disinfomation like:

We would go back to the days where being pregnant is a pre-existing condition

And of course, no reference to The Hollywood Nerd Herd would be complete unless it has a barely intelligible outburst from Ms. Cher:

Romney is ‘spineless racist,’ ‘cretin’; Must fight T-Baggies

Through the pulpit of The Hollywood Nerd Herd American culture is manipulated with endless radical assessments and judgements. Issue by issue, these radical ideas are pushed as change, always along liberal lines. They are promoted and managed repeatedly. Over the long-term these revelations to liberal ideas mold and shape public opinion, which eventually shapes and changes legislation by the pressure to conform.

Common sense conservatives greatly outnumber these yahoo’s. They are just louder.

Together, we can embrace and participate in pop culture and make sure that America isn’t slowly turned into something else.

Our work continues.

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