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@AGUGrizzlies: Breaking It Down W/ Bristol (@BristolsBlog) Ep 3

NOTE: The following post was originally published on US4Palin. The interview was conducted by AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin Scholla, and the transcript was prepared by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito.

Bristol Palin is back to talk with Kevin Scholla after advancing another round! Breaking It Down With Bristol- Episode 3: Bristol and Mark dance to Red Neck Woman and despite little love from the judges, the voters speak loud and clear. We’ll look back at Bristol’s latest performance and look ahead to what’s next on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars. Find out what Bristol thinks about the upcoming double elimination and how support from family helps her on the dance floor. Tune in now and each week to Breaking It Down With Bristol on SarahNET Radio and get the inside scoop on DWTS with Bristol Palin and Kevin Scholla.

Sign On and Introduction

“Bristol, how’s it going?” Scholla asked. “I’m good, how are ya?” she responded. “Another week down. Joey Fatone of ‘N Sync fame voted off,” Sholla started. “I’m bummed that he’s gone, man,” Bristol said. “He’s a lot of fun, isn’t he?” Scholla asked. “Yeah, he definitely is,” she responded.

Surprised to not be in Jeopardy

“You know, after Monday, you and Mark had the lowest scores from the judges, but then on Tuesday, not only did you survive, you weren’t even in jeopardy. You were deemed safe early in the show. Were you surprised?” Scholla asked.

“I was kind of surprised that they didn’t say we were in jeopardy, because I think they do that a lot for ratings, but I’m so grateful, thankful … and I’m just glad to be doing another week of this,” Bristol said.

“Well, I’ve gotta tell you: we voted like maniacs. I for one – I voted so much, my fingers bled like Bryan Adams on his first real six-string – and Bristol, my Bears played that Monday night too, so I was multi-tasking,” Scholla said.

“Well, thank you so much for voting and just thank you to everyone who did vote and it’s been really good. It’s been awesome,” Bristol said.

“Haterade” as Incentive

“We have a lot of people – you know – who have been voting – who haven’t ever done anything like this before, and they’re enjoying it and they’re also enjoying the show – some who haven’t seen it before. So, as you can imagine, there was this outrage from some that you made it. I saw the Tweets that were saying, ‘this isn’t politics. This is dancing. Bristol should’ve been out.’ But, these are the same people who say, ‘it’s just dancing,’ but then go through the roof when you win, so I’ve gotta ask you: do you use the Haterade a little as some extra incentive?” Scholla asked.

“Oh, absolutely, you know, I think the people who are going to be talking crap about me, or the fact that I’ve got some awesome American patriots behind me – if they’re going to use that and not like me for it – it’s just going to give me motivation to stick it to ‘em and just do better each week,” Bristol said.

On “Redneck Woman” Pick and Dance Theme

“And, it’s such a silly criticism too, because obviously people vote for somebody who may have played for their favorite team, or who – you know – is someone they followed through their music career, or what have you. You told us last week that this dance was going to be ‘all you’ and it was. ‘Redneck Woman.’ People loved it. They loved your outfit. I liked the ‘beer bottle over the head’ ending, the cactus in the back. Just great. Did you pick the song yourself,” Scholla asked.

“Well, we can submit songs, but it’s a long process for them to get cleared and everything to be okay with the production side of it, so I chose that one and just submitted it, and I was surprised that we actually got it. But, I’m thankful that I got to do a dance that was me, even with the low scores. It wasn’t a popular Hollywood dance, but my family enjoyed it, Tripp enjoyed it, and that’s all that matters to me,” Bristol said.

“How did your mom like the dance?” Scholla asked.

“She loved it. I think she liked the outfit – you know – total redneck. It was fun. It was a blast to be able to dance to that song,” Bristol said.

Gretchen Wilson sang that song at one of your mom’s events a few years ago,” Scholla said. “Did she really?” Bristol asked. “Yeah, so when I heard that, I said ‘that’s a perfect fit in so many ways.’ You said after the scores that you’re basically going to get sixes no matter what. We all thought you deserved higher,” Scholla said.

Bar Set Higher

“You know, I think the stakes are just a lot higher this season, and the Quickstep that I did a few years ago on my first season with Dancing With the Stars, I got eights in it. So this time, the bar is definitely a lot higher, but I enjoyed the dance. I’m glad that we got through it, and I’m thankful that we’re on to Week Three. This is a whole new week, a whole new vibe, and whole new dance. I’m excited for this one as well,” Bristol said.

“Maybe it will help you though, the way you talked about the sixes and the scores, ya know – NBA style – you complained just a little bit, but be nice about it and you get a call next time if you’re between a seven-and-a-half and an eight, and hopefully they give you the eight,” Scholla said. “Yeah, hopefully,” Bristol responded. Scholla continued, “I also thought you handled the scores great, posting a text from your grandmother, Sally Heath that night saying, ‘all that really matters’ when she reached out to you.”

Grandma an iPhone Master

“Oh yeah, absolutely. My grandma just got an iPhone, so I just think it’s hilarious every time I see her name pop up, under an iMessage or something,” Bristol said laughing. “It just makes my day every time.”

“That’s impressive. My grandmother is afraid to touch “on demand” on cable. I think she thinks we’re going to send a nuclear bomb if she watches a show that wasn’t on at the right time, so I give your grandma a lot of props there – so also your grandfather and your uncle were on the Palin Update recently and they were rooting for you from a hotel in the middle of a big book tour, so you just have support everywhere: your family, friends – like you said – patriots – everybody on board.”

Track Palin: Real American Hero

“I know. I’m so thankful for it. I’m so thankful to have my family backing me. I got to talk to my brother today. He’s in Afghanistan right now, and he didn’t even know I was on the show, because he’s been out of communication for so long, so it was just funny to be able to tell him I’m doing the show and just asking him to pray for me, and it really puts it all in perspective. He’s out there fighting for our country, Bristol said. She acknowledged, “there’s just so much bigger things in life [than Dancing With the Stars], but this is just so much fun to be able to do a healthy, fun competition right now.”

“Well, we are absolutely thinking of him, that’s for sure: a real American hero,” Scholla said.

What’s in Store Tonight

“Okay, looking ahead to week three, a double elimination coming up. Does that change your approach, and can you let us know what you and Mark have in store for us this time around?” Scholla asked.

“Well, this time around, we have the Paso, which is like a bull-fighting dance, so it’s a lot different than the Quickstep that we just had. But, coming into it this week, I’m looking at the same as I always have. You know, I’m just going to focus on my routine, doing the best that I can do in that routine, and hopefully our fans will get us through another week, but it’s kind of intimidating knowing that there’s going to be two couples going home and I’m just hoping and praying that it’s not us,” Bristol said.

Other Conservatives on DWTS?

“We’ve been getting a lot of emails and correspondence on Facebook and Twitter from fans wanting to ask you a question, so just a couple: so Stephanie Johnson from Indiana wants to know this – if you know this – are there any conservatives among the rest of the cast, the pros, the celebrities, the judges that you know of?” Scholla asked.

“You know Chelsie Hightower? She is from Utah, so I’m pretty sure she’s a conservative. We’ve got some of the same political views, so it’s refreshing to be able to have a conversation with her, but it’s definitely a liberal world out here,” Bristol said. “And still, you’re doing a such a great job, though. That makes it even more impressive,” Scholla said.

Approach Changing from Fun to More Competitive?

Scholla continued, “and one more email we got. ‘Are you changing your approach from just having fun to more competitive as the series moves on?’” Bristol responded, “oh man, yes! This week, we had a rough week. You can tell that everything is – it’s a higher level of competition, and I’m taking it more seriously this time around, and Mark and I – we’re like a married couple in this right now – and kind of go at each other’s throats and you’ll see that on Monday night, but it’s definitely a higher level of competition, and I’m pretty competitive. You might not see it on the dance show, but I’m pretty competitive, so I’m definitely working harder, and really trying my best.”

Palins Showcase Park Lane Jewelry

“I also got an email from some folks at Park Lane. They were so happy to see you wear some of their stuff, and apparently Gov. Palin also had some of their earrings on, so you have some fans there too, Bristol. You’re doing a great job,” Scholla said. “Well, thank you so much,” Bristol said as she laughed. “I really appreciate everyone’s support and it just means a ton to me.”

Farewell and Sign Off

“It was a big week personally, you know. The Bears won, Romney won the debate hands down, and Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas most importantly advanced. Go Grizzly on ‘em this week. The voters are ready. I hope the judges are a little more prepared this time too,” Scholla said. “Me, too. Thank you so much for everything,” Bristol said. “Thanks, Bristol. Be safe. God bless,” Scholla said. “You, too. Thank you. Bye bye,” Bristol said.

Dancing With the Stars airs Monday nights at 2000 / 8 PM EDT. Viewers can vote for Team Ballin by calling 800-868-3409, texting VOTE to 3409 (AT&T customers only) and via email. “Breaking it Down with Bristol” is a special SarahNET Radio and Six Seeds Faith and Family Channel series dedicated to covering each week of Bristol on Dancing with the Stars. Bristol is guest blogging for Access Hollywood while on the show.

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