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@AGUGrizzlies: #California Let’s #WiseItUp And Hire @JennGoode!

NOTE: The Jennifer Goode post and interview was originally published on US4Palin. The interview was conducted by AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin Scholla and the transcript was prepared by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito.

With the 2012 General Election right around the corner it is unfortunate that the Obama lapdogs in the LSM, and The Hollywood Nerd Herd have been working double time to distract us from our real mission: Repeal and Replace Barack Obama, and bring a fundamental restoration to every level of government.

Instead of focusing on sending common sense candidates to DC and other local offices across the country, the Obama loving LSM has had some success in getting us to instead talk about: Big Bird, Elmo, and OHACS (Obama’s high altitude contamination syndrome).

Recently the Obama lap-dog Diane Sawyer fetched the Obama poop-bucket for him by asking questions about…wait for it…Big Birdand yes of course…abortion. Not one single peep about #BenghaziGate or Libya.

This is what we are up against:

Our Army of David’s vs. the Big Government, Big Media Goliath!

Let’s ignore them and #WiseItUp across the country!

In order to enact the sudden and relentless reform our Republic needs, we need to send common sense, independent, public servants to every level of government. We need to #WiseItUp and help out underfunded underdogs who want to put governement back on the side of the people.

Local governments are closest to the people. We feel the effects of the decisions made on a local level much quicker than decisions made by our state governments and by our federal government.

Check out this interview below with Jennifer Goode. Jenn is taking a stand in her community and she’s ready to roll up her sleeves, make tough decisions, and get her community back on track.

Jennifer Goode is on the American Grizzlies United 2012 Candidates List.

Jenn needs our help to win.

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Jennifer Goode is the guest on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla! Sarah Palin has stressed the importance of quality candidates on the local level and Goode is exactly that. She’s running for council in Vacaville, California and you will be impressed with this energetic, determined candidate. Also, Governor Palin attends another Dancing With The Stars performance in support of Bristol and promotes Our Sarah: Made In Alaska. Plus, Palin’s analysis on Mitt Romney’s decisive debate win, more Eric Holder controversy, and a potential Obama credit card scandal.

Local Races Closest to Electorate

Goode is an AGU General Election candidate. She said former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is correct: voters should pay close attention to local races, because these offices are the closest to the electorate. She said when a decision is made at the local level, constituents feel the effect of it within six months of it being voted on. Local races, unfortunately tend to be “so overlooked,” Goode said. She is running to “bring a fresh voice” to the Vacaville City Council, not to rubber-stamp decisions. She intends to act as a check and balance.

About Vacaville

Vacaville began as a small community 35 miles west of Sacramento and was developed in the middle of an orchard. The city now has a population of over 100,000 and has the “exact same trouble” as California’s larger cities. The state had abolished redevelopment plans for cities, cutting funding and forcing cities to scramble and cut vital services. Goode said, her goal is for Vacaville to maintain its sovereignty, identity, and small town feel all of which are eroding. She also wants to keep the state’s hands out of city funds. She said Vacaville is one of the top 100 places to live in California and she wants to maintain the city as such or improve further on it.

Incumbent to Goode: “I’ll Gut Your Campaign!”

Goode is running against two incumbents, one of whom threatened to “gut” her campaign. She said the incumbents are establishment types beholden to special interests. Lobbying, crony capitalism, and cutthroat politics very much exist at the local level just as they do at the state and national levels.

Earning Her Way

Goode said she has held jobs and had to answer to a boss, has lived paycheck-to-paycheck, been laid off due to downsizing and had to find new jobs and that her parents own and operate a small business. She said she does not want to see Vacaville end up filing for bankruptcy like other cities in California have because they’ve spent money they did not have on programs they could not afford. Goode pledged to be honest, open, and transparent in everything she does if she is elected to serve on the city council.

Fight Like a Girl

Goode said she loves Gov. Palin’s call to “fight like a girl,” which was said at her famous “Game On” speech in Madison, Wisconsin on April 16, 2011. Goode said women are often overlooked, but can be very tough. She described Gov. Palin as a positive role model who started her political career at the local level and “earned her way up,” battling special interests along the way.

Good Ideas from the Outside

She moved to Vacaville in 2003, but was born and raised in Illinois. Goode’s father worked for Caterpillar as his primary job, and her mother stayed home to take care of the family. Goodes’ father usually worked two or even three jobs to make ends meet. She said the Vacaville City Council is mostly comprised of people who have been born and raised in Vacaville their entire lives and “sometimes, good ideas can come from the outside.” She said the lessons she learned in life will serve her well as a councilwoman and said she would be impartial, not answering to a special interest, but doing what is right for the city.


She said Vacaville’s most important issue is the budget, because the state abolished redevelopment funds, leaving a $4 million deficit. The monies were to be used for revitalizing the city. Goode said, cities often used redevelopment funds “as a giant slush fund,” and not for their intended purpose. The funds often went to salaries, departments, and staff time. She said the Vacaville must get its budget back in line and learn to live within its means, and spend only what is brought in for legitimate government functions.

Public Safety

She said the second most important issue is public safety with the layoff of police officers, firefighters, and EMS. She said, while the first responders are professionals who do their day-to-day work well, a disaster or man-made event could stretch the public safety resources thin and create a liability for the city. She said waste needs to be identified in other others and public safety funds rebuilt to an acceptable level.


The third most important issue, according to Goode is bringing transparency to local government. Council meetings are generally held on Tuesday nights at 7 PM. She wants to move them to two Saturdays per month in a park setting where people are invited to discuss issues that concern them. Goode said the current meetings tend to reflect the voices of special interests.

Vacaville Police Officers Association Endorsement

Goode is proud to have received the endorsement of the Vacaville Police Officers Association. She supports the Second Amendment, but noted not everyone has a gun in the house or wants to keep one. Goode said she wants to know when someone calls 911, the response will be immediate.

To Volunteer or Donate

Goode needs volunteers to phone bank, walk precincts, work in the office, install signs, and attend events. Her campaign also needs funding. She said the high cost of campaigning keeps a lot of good people out and the party structure tends to ignore the local races.

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