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@AGUGrizzlies: Obama Lap-Dog’s Use #BigBird To Distract Us From Our Mission

Our chance to complete the mission is finally here:

Repeal and replace Barack Obama, retain the House, seize the Senate!

We’ve waited four long years for this chance. Four long years of an administration with a basic contempt for the American people, four long years of abstract economic theory, four long years of people who prefer to run down rather than build up Americans, four long years of preaching envy and resentment, four long years of know-it-alls who have bankrupted our country and shoved the issues of a small minority over the will of the majority, four long years of appeasing our enemies while lecturing our allies, four long years of arrogant power grabs against our founders intent, and four long years of an aloof, detached, alien administration.

This administration is at the end of their rope, the far left may be chanting four more years, but now is our chance to give this moment of darkness in America’s history four more weeks! It is finally time for the black cloud hanging over our economy, our country, and our freedom to be lifted. The time for choosing is now.

Barack Obama aided and abetted by his lap-dog media and the Hollywood Nerd Herd are pulling out all the stops to distract us from our mission. What is their latest devilishly deceptive distraction?…BIG BIRD!

Seriously. This past week, Obama and his democrats have crossed swords more for Big Bird to keep his job than they have for the 23 million out of work Americans in the last four years. Obama supporters think Big Bird is to big to fail. That alone shows we are desperately in need of new leadership on every level of government.

The left can go ahead and get busy organizing their Million Muppet March, we have some serious organizing of our own to do. The first step in undoing what Obama has done to us these last four years is to send our new president a new congress.

Let’s be frank. Our new president and new congress is going to inherit a big mess. In order to begin to fix this big mess our new congress needs to be beefed up with independent, wise, common sense, fiscal conservatives ready to reject the go along to get along DC mentality, and get to work.

There are some GRRREAT candidates running for office in this election cycle. But they need our help to win their races. Many of these candidates are underfunded underdogs who do not have the #GOPe on their side. (Which makes them even more credible)

Here is the American Grizzlies United 2012 Candidates List: CLICK HERE

NOTE: Candidates that have been personally endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin are noted under the contact information for the candidate.

The historic 2010 legislative victories happened because regular people came together and took a stand. Now is the time to continue our mission and send reinforcements to every level of government. We all learned some lessons in 2010. Now we can take those lessons we learned and use them to make sure the albatross of Obama’s extreme left-wing agenda is finally removed from America’s neck at the ballot box.

When the grassroots come together, the grassroots win!

A coalition of concerned citizens is needed once again to knock on doors, wave signs, phone bank, and text/tweet/email personal contacts to help these candidates win.

America really needs all hands on deck this November to pull this off. All of us are the soul of this movement. Our ground up call to action can bring real change to both parties forever. Real people like us, not inside the beltway professionals, are the solution and future of our country. The future is now.

Please take a stand and answer the call by helping these candidates.

Our work continues.

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