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@AGUGrizzlies: Bristol (@BristolsBlog) On @SarahNETRadio Episode IV

NOTE: The interview below was conducted by AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin Scholla, and the transcript was prepared by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito. The interview has also been published on US4Palin.

Bristol Palin charges on! After an exceptional routine on the latest installment of Dancing With The Stars: All Stars, Bristol stays alive in the competition and she is here today to talk all about it with Kevin Scholla. It’s Breaking It Down With Bristol- Episode 4. Bristol and Mark Ballas dance on a giant chess board and survive a double elimination. Hear the backstory on their performance, learn about the argument between Bristol and Mark, find out what to expect this week, and see how Bristol is handling some of the baggage that comes with putting herself out there. Listen NOW!

Huge Improvement…

As the show opened, Bristol Palin expressed her gratitude for fans’ votes and said her score this week was a 4.5-point jump over last week – “a huge improvement.” In her Paso Doble, Bristol played the role of an ice queen or princess on a giant chess board who in the end delivered a death blow to the king. She said the costume designers did an awesome job.

Rock and Roll – but Not Today’s…

The Week Four dance is rock and roll, which got assigned to Bristol and Mark. Bristol said when she thinks of rock and roll, she thinks AC/DC or other hard rock, but her dance is 1950′s rock and roll. Bristol said her grandmother and her friends will likely love the dance, but it was not what she envisioned as being rock and roll. Bristol assigned Bollywood dancing to Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd, which they started working on right away. Bristol said she heard their music in the studio and was cracking up laughing. She thinks the couple will do well with the dance.

The Argument…

About her one and only argument with Mark Ballin, Bristol said everything is resolved and that if anything it brought them closer as a team. “We’re over it. We’re over that hurdle and on to the next thing,” she said.


Scholla asked Bristol if she was able to still have fun and enjoy her dancing in the face of the death threats, and the “mysterious white powders” she had been sent by haters who resent her fan support. Bristol said that doing the show is “so much fun. It’s fun to learn a new dance every week….it’s a blast. I love the people I work with and it’s just been an amazing experience again.”

Family Support…

Bristol said her family support is “key and crucial” to her success on Dancing With The Stars. Bristol said it means the world to her and is grateful that members of her family are making the trip each week to cheer her on.

Scholla asked Bristol some listeners’ questions. Bonnie Price asked if Bristol likes having a large family. “I love it! I love it, love it, love it! It totally takes my mind off anything dance-related or any injuries I’ve got going on. They’re constantly keeping me on my toes and keeping me in the loop with stuff that’s going on at home,” she said. Bristol added that she consistently group text messages with her family.

Palin Fitness Book…

Scholla asked Bristol if she will be involved with her mother’s fitness book still being written. Bristol said she may be later on, “but I think my mom and I have different takes on fitness. I think she’s a lot tougher than I am, but she’s awesome; she’s amazing, and such an athlete. I don’t think people really realize it.” Scholla noted that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s family nickname is “Skinny.” He thinks the book will do well. He said people will want to know how the Palins stay “in shape while still having those treats and hearty meals.” He said most diet books are premised upon “be miserable now.” Bristol said she thinks the book will be both “very good” and “very successful.”

Dance is Tough…

Scholla’s four-year-old daugher asked if Bristol will be wearing a pink costume, but this week’s will have just a touch of red. Another question was “how are your feet?” Bristol said “my feet are destroyed.” She said dancing is “a beating on your body.” She said that this week’s dance involves a lot of jumps, which are exhausting. NFL and NBA players who have starred on the show have confessed that dancing is as tough if not tougher than the sports they normally play. She said it’s also mentally tough.

“Last week, I had the Paso, which is so irrelevant to the dance I have this week. So you learn something one week, and then you have to totally shut your mind off from that dance, forget all the steps you just learned, all the counts you just learned, and then learn a whole new dance. It’s like trying to learn a different language and how to move your body, and the counts, and the toes have to be pointed or not flexed. Just all that little stuff that you would never think about. It’s just mentally exhausting,” Bristol said.

Dancing With the Stars airs Monday nights at 2000 / 8 PM EDT. Viewers can vote for Team Ballin by calling 800-868-3409, texting VOTE to 3409 (AT&T customers only) and via email. “Breaking it Down with Bristol” is a special SarahNET Radio and Six Seeds Faith and Family Channel series dedicated to covering each week of Bristol on Dancing with the Stars. Bristol is guest blogging for Access Hollywood while on the show.

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