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@AGUGrizzlies: Obama’s #HotMess Must Be Cleaned Up; Adopt A Candidate

Our new president is going to inherit a hot mess. A big Obama mess. In order to clean up the mess Obama left on the floor these last four years America needs a new congress ready to roll up their sleeves, get out the mop, and get to work.

Together we can make sure that our new president has true public servants in congress. Public servants who understand what hard work is, who won’t go along to get along, and who won’t kick the can down the road.

American Grizzlies United General Election Candidates

As we’ve all learned these last four years: When the grassroots come together, the grassroots win. Starting in 2010 concerned Americans came together to send new public servants to DC and to local governments. By working together, we sent new Congresswomen and new Congressmen to the House. We sent new Senators to the Senate. We seized power of 20 legislative Houses from Democrats across the country. We captured 125 State Senate seats. We snatched 550 seats in State Houses. By coming together we grabbed 675 seats across America.

It’s time to do it again.

Every one of us has constuctive roles to play in the restoration of America. It’s time to continue what we started in 2010. Let’s get involved again and help public servant candidates win their campaigns. Let’s #WiseItUp.

Many of the public servants on our candidate list are running grassroots campaigns. These candidates are not running #GOPe campaigns by going to cronies, powerbrokers, and lobbyists. Instead they’re running campaigns the way all campaigns in America should be run: By going directly to the voters, and by shaking hands from family to family, and home to home. Many of them are under funded underdogs who have taken a stand for their country. They need our help.

These candidates have pledged to have our back once elected. But first, we have to have their back. Please join our cause and help send wise public servants to DC.

Adopt a Candidate today.

The contact information for candidates on the American Grizzlies United General Election Candidate List is directly underneath each candidate. The candidates that have been personally endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin are noted beneath their contact information.

Because many of these candidates are under funded they are relying on us to help them out and give them that extra push toward victory. Free cell phone minutes can be used for making calls on behalf of a candidate. To make your voice heard just contact them and ask what area they need help in. Campaigns are more than happy to hear from citizens who want their voices heard.

Our victories in 2010 slowed down the Obama mess, but it has not stopped it, or cleaned it up. Together we can stop the Obama mess once and for all, and begin to get America back on the right track. These last few weeks are critical for the future of our country. Please join us in doing all you can for these brave public servants who are ready to get to work, clean up the Obama mess, and restore America.

Our work continues.

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