Entitlement Reform

In order to avert a fiscal disaster, we will also need to check the growth of spending on our entitlement programs. That will be a huge challenge, but it must be confronted head on. We must do it in a humane way that honors the government’s current commitments to our fellow Americans while also keeping faith with future generations. We cannot rob from our children and grandchildren’s tomorrow to pay for our unchecked spending today.”—Facebook post (11/13/2010)

      • Honor current commitments, but reform for future recipients
      • Supports revamping or eliminating government agencies such as the Department of Energy
      • Supports Paul Ryan’s Roadmap
        • Reduces overall tax burden
        • Replaces corporate income tax with business consumption tax
        • Replace Medicare with a voucher system
        • Give people a choice with Social Security between a personal account managed by the government or the traditional government system
        • Leads to decreased deficits and debts
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